Ahoy illustration-Angela Ho: illustrations telling stories

Melbourne born and Hong Kong based Angela Ho is working as an illustrator and artist under the alias Ahoy illustration.

Angela studied a bachelor of graphic design with a component in illustration. From then on, she began working for the newspaper »The Age«, based in Melbourne (her hometown). She was mainly responsible for various illustrations. Afterward, Angela worked more and more on her style and began to do what we now see under the alias „Ahoy Illustration“.

Ahoy illustration - Angela Ho

Ahoy illustration - Angela Ho

We asked Angela about her working process: »My working process is to start with coffee, sketch, redraw in Illustrator and then shade in Photoshop. The little bits of animation I do in After Effects.« When we first saw Angela’s illustrations, we were particularly interested in where she took her inspiration from. If it’s non-commission work, her inspiration usually comes from an observation about her own experience. After that, she pushes that thought through the lens of her conceptual and visual style. Other times it comes from a funny thought.

Ahoy illustration - Angela Ho

Ahoy illustration - Angela Ho Connected Homes. Commission for Urban Life, Melbourne. Cover illustration.
Commission for Urban Life, Melbourne. Cover illustration.

Each individual illustration tells a story. Mostly, this story is also incredibly funny. It is easy to understand why many of the illustrations have been created by a funny thought. For an artist or illustrator, it is always difficult to transfer a particular thought to the paper and thus create a certain feeling for the viewer. Angela creates this in any case because as soon as you look at the illustrations, you have to smile.

Although many of the illustrations have been created from a certain idea, there is also room for the viewer to think about an own story and interpretation of the illustration. Whatever the illustrations are to interpret, we are huge fans of Ahoy illustration. If you want to see more of Angela’s awesome work, make sure to follow her on Instagram and Behance. If you are into abstract illustrations you better check out IRSKIY and Louise Zhang.



© on all media by Angela Ho – Ahoy Illustration


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