Abstract collages by Allan Bjornaa

Abstract collages – Allan Bjornaa

Allan Bjornaa creates outstanding abstract collages, using old magazines from the 1930-1970s.

Allan Bjornaa’s process of creating those abstract collages starts by flipping through different old magazines from the 1930-1970s until something catches his eyes. It makes no difference for him whether he is looking for a picture, a person, a shape or only a color. Allan repeats this process over and over again. He puts the pieces of paper together until his brain tells him that the abstract collage is finished. When it comes to the magazines, he only uses vintage magazines and old comics. Especially the textures and colors are a charm for him.

Abstract collages by Allan Bjornaa

Abstract Collages by Allan Bjornaa


Allan likes to create his abstract collages very quickly. He does not mind about what he is doing or creating. If he likes it, it is a wrap. A very important reason why he makes collages is that he can express his ideas and thoughts by adding a scrap of text. Since there are a lot of collage artists, Allan wants to stand out from these and stand out with his artworks. We believe that his artworks are unique despite the density of collage artists. Through the combination of vintage magazines and old comics, Allan creates artworks that tell stories.

Abstract Collages by Allan Bjornaa Abstract Collages by Allan Bjornaa

We are looking forward to seeing more stuff from Allan in the future. In the meantime make sure to follow him on Instagram and check out his website. If you want to see another way to create collages, using only digital software, you better check out IRSKIY.

© on all images by Allan Bjornaa

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