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Slapdash Supercar - Max Siedentopf

Max Siedentopf – Slapdash Supercars

The photographer Max Siedentopf pimps mediocre cars.  The photographer Max Siedentopf has no pale glimmer to whom the cars belong in his pictures. But he knew very well, that when he saw them they could urgently need some upgrades. Slapdash means “hastily improvised”, and so he went…

Marius Vieth Photography

Street Photography – Marius Vieth

German based Marius Vieth: Urban Photographer of the year, Sony World Photographer Award-Winner, artist, coach & entrepreneur. Marius Vieht, better known as Vice, was born in Lingen, Germany. He started autodidact back in 2011. Marius gained first attraction for his project 365 days, 365 photos, which he…

Andreas Levers - At Night

Urban City: Andreas Levers – At Night 4

Self-taught, German based Photographer Andreas Levers, taking urban photography to another level. It is hard to believe that Andreas Levers is not a full-time photographer, but the quality of his photographs and work would be inferred. He earns his livelihood as a media designer. He found his…