Designmonat Graz

Designmonat Graz 2017 – Smart Design & Smart Production

The Designmonat Graz summarizes the energy of the creative industry within a month, makes it visible to the outside and makes a central contribution to anchoring the economic relevance of creative processes to people’s awareness.

On April 29th it is time again and the Designmonat Graz is entering the second largest capital of Austria. Since 2009 this event is coordinated and organized by the Creative Industries Styria and the interest is growing. The program focus this year is »Smart Design – Smart Production«. Furthermore it deals with the age of digital networking and the many-dimensional tools of digital change.

The grand opening ceremony of the Designmonat Graz takes place on 28th April in the Joanneumsviertel. Traditionally the design month opens with the exhibition »Selected«, which focuses on current interior design trends. However this is not the only exhibition of course. Up to 28 May different events take place almost every day throughout the city.

In Addition, for the entire event calendar, you can check out the website of Creative Industry Styria  or the Designmonat itself.

Hence if you are around the city, make sure to check this out!

Designmonat Graz







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via Creative Industries Styria & Kleine Zeitung

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