Andreas Levers - At Night

Urban City: Andreas Levers – At Night 4

Self-taught, German based Photographer Andreas Levers, taking urban photography to another level.

It is hard to believe that Andreas Levers is not a full-time photographer, but the quality of his photographs and work would be inferred. He earns his livelihood as a media designer. He found his great love in architecture and landscape photography.

Andreas Levers - At Night

«At Night» is Andreas‘ ongoing project, which he started back in 2013. Since then he shot in different locations, focusing on the use of artificial light in planned landscapes.

«I like to capture photos of urban spaces, especially non-places as described by Marc Auge and Robert Venturi. After spending a few years with natural light I tried to find a new visual approach to those. After some experimentation the dense autumn fog was the most interesting approach.» (Source)

Andreas Levers - At Night

Andreas Levers - At Night

«There are a lot of inspiring photographers at Flickr and Behance where I post most of my own pictures. Any list I could compile would be incomplete and my favorite photographers change quite frequently. Right now I really admire the work of Matthias Heidrich. Among the big names in photography I like the photos of Thomas Struth, Andreas Gursky and Candida Höfer.» (Source)




© on all pictures – Andreas Levers

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