honokalani beach maui hawaii

Honokalani Beach – Maui Paradise

Honokalani Beach: Number 1. most beautiful beach on earth (according to cntraveler)

Honokalani Beach is located in the Wainapanapa State Park, on the northeast tip of the Hawaiian island of Maui. A real eye-catcher is the jet black sand, which spreads over the beach. «The sand at Black Sand Beach Maui is actually made up of tiny polished lava pebbles. The lava flow created a rapid temperature change, causing the viscous fluid to quickly solidify and shatter. Higher up on the beach, the black sand gives way to normal sand (src: destination360).» Together with the turquoise sea and the lush green landscape, an incomparably beautiful scenery is created. Thus the Honokalani Beach becomes an absolute paradise for photographers. But also tourists and ordinary holidaymakers find their own personal place to dream.

honokalani beach maui hawaii
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Besides lying on the beach and enjoying you time, there is plenty to do: walking along the shore, you will find seaside lava tubes and sea caves carved into the lava cliffs. Also you can discover small sea arches and sea caves. For a nice hike, you should definitely try King’s Highway. This is an ancient Hawaiian footpath that travels from the beach along the coastline for three miles to Hana.

Honokalani Beach Hawaii
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Honokalani Beach Hawaii
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Start planning your Maui-trip right now. You might want to check in Montage Kapalua Bay Resort (ranked nr. 2 RCA Awards 2016 by cntraveler). Here you can find everything your heart desires. It is also an excellent family resort. Kids have the opportunity of using different ziplines or book snorkeling tours. For the adults there are blissful spa treatments and romantic dinners.

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via: cntraveler

feature-image: Lenny Photography

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